ALEKS is an online math program. It allows the teacher to differentiate instruction by offering a learning sequence where each topic builds on the last if done in the prescribed order of the topics. Another strength of ALEKS is that they have frequent knowledge assessments to ensure that students are not just getting the information on the initial go work through and forgetting it. The program is broken down into content bands and if the teacher needs to have a student spend more time on a particular topic they can adjust the sequence of topic as necessary. Finally, because the program is web based students and teachers are able to access the program at any time with any internet enabled device.


Some weaknesses of ALEKS are that since it is web based that students can at times be distracted by the allure of the internet. The program offers explanations of the topic but they are just examples and do not address multiple solution paths. Finally, there is very little things built in to motivate the students to go further. There is the occasional “Good Job” or “Keep it Up” message but there are no other motivating parts of the program.

Role of Technology

This program is 100% technology based. The students access the content online and the teachers pull and can print the reports created by the program. The program allows students to receive extra reinforcement in areas where they need it as well as students who are ready to move on do so.

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