Jeopardy labs


Jeopardy labs is able to be used as an assessment to ensure that students understand the material that had been taught. There are literally hundreds of premade jeopardy templates covering a cornucopia of topics. If the exact topic being taught is not available users can create their own Jeopardy template that is in line with the content being presented. This is a great way to review for tests and also as a way to gain insight into how well the students know the material. The best part about using Jeopardy Labs is that it taps into the student's innate competitive nature by making the review a game like activity.


If used in groups it is important to monitor what the students are doing and how they are working. It is easy in groups for some students to take control and for other students to sit back and let the others do the work. However, this can be deterred by setting up expectations at the beginning of the activity and ensuring that they are being followed throughout the activity.

Role of Technology

Various levels of technology are necessary for the use of this application. A computer is needed to access the website. A way to project if for the students to see is also necessary. There are ways that it can be used by having it projected and someone manipulate the board at the computer or by the use of an interactive whiteboard where the white board acts as the computer screen.

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